Connected Care Solutions

Helping providers coordinate care for patients with chronic conditions.

Rural Communities + Complete Care

Lynk Health provides care managers, digital devices, and care coordination platform.

Our solution enables providers to remotely manage their patient’s chronic conditions while proactively supporting practices with patient outreach, enrollment, care management and education, ensuring patients stay compliant. The result is improved patient care, simplified operations for in-office staff, and increased practice revenue. 

Technology with a human touch for in-between visit care.

Customized Solutions < > Personalized Patient Experiences

Customized, scalable, and affordable solutions to help you retain more patients.

Connected Care leverages technology and extends your care team to improve health outcomes and keep your patients engaged in their health and your practice, all while driving a whole new revenue stream.

Lynk Health keeps providers connected to patients by implementing the following solutions:


We help you provide your patients MORE with dedicated Care Coordinators.

The Lynk Care Coordinators are at the core of everything that makes us different. With clinical training and extensive knowledge regarding digital care devices, they have the skills to strengthen relationships with patients and ensure patients are meeting care goals.


Lynk Care Coordinators relieve the burden on in-office staff.

Hiring enough staff to internally support Connected Care programs puts a substantial amount of stress on the 


There are better ways to grow than 'see more patients'.

Patient’s love connected care and so will your organization. Our services increase revenue per month and net profit every year. 


Our care team works on behalf of your system’s practices to provide a seamless experience to identify and enroll patients, manage and support their remote devices, record and monitor data/readings, and identify opportunities to enhance care and capture revenue. 

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